Our Recent Project

The parking lot at my apartment complex has been cracking up like crazy, especially lately. Turns out that it was installed back in the 90’s and there has been little to no maintenance done to it since, maybe some repainting here and there.

The cracks have gotten bigger and bigger over the years and I was expecting the complex managers to just replace the whole thing. Little did I know, there is a way to repair and preserve it for another 10 years or so. It’s called asphalt sealcoating. I’ve decided to complain about the enormous cracks that have been beating up my car for nearly 2 years now (it’s a lowered Honda) and the management called up a specialist.

Next thing I know, they’ve repaired all cracks and potholes and are now spraying the whole lot with “the sealant” that looks like black paint. Thanks what made me do research and write about it’s benefits. The end result was amazing, I mean it looked brand spanking new!

I’ll take a few pics and add them to the gallery, but make sure to read the article I wrote about it (especially if you own or manage anything made of asphalt).